HP 59307A

The Hewlett-Packard 59307A is an HP-IB VHF switch. It contains two DC-to-500MHz 50-ohm relays optimized for 1ns pulse waveforms.

The front push-buttons contain tiny bulbs for illumination. These can burn out over time, but replacements are still available. The bulbs are 5V 0.06A in a "T-1 3/4 standard midget flange" form, suitable replacements are JKL-7333, CM-7333 or similar.

The "power" and "remote" lights contain bulbs with wire terminals, rated for 6V and 0.04A. These can be replaced with JKL-1730 bulbs or similar.

Pictures ^

HP 59307A
HP 59307A (front view)
HP 59307A (back view)
HP 59307A instructions
HP 59307A (inside view, top)
HP 59307A front switches close-up
HP 59307A back panel with connectors (back view)
HP 59307A (inside view, bottom)

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