HP 59313A

The Hewlett-Packard 59313A is an HP-IB 4-channel analog to digital converter. It has four jumper-selectable full-scale voltage ranges: ±1.0V to ±1.3V, ±2.5V to ±3.5V, ±5.0V to ±7.0V, and ±7.0V to ±10.3V (see the manual on how to set these). Input impedance is greater than 1MOhm. The unit contains a dual-slope 10-bit+sign A/D converter, maximum sample rate is 200 samples/s.

Pictures ^

HP 59306A (front view)
HP 59306A (back view)
HP 59306A (inside view, top)
HP 59306A (inside view, bottom)

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