HP 7475A

The Hewlett-Packard 7475A is a 6-pen plotter from 1983. It can draw on either A3- or A4-sized paper (configurable using a DIP switch on the back of the unit) and speaks HP-GL over either an RS232 serial port or HP-IB (each 7475A plotter has one of these interfaces, but not both).

These things are really cool to watch while in action and are practically indestructible.

I wrote a tiny Python script, hpglplot, to plot HP-GL files on RS232 variants of this plotter using software handshaking (so you can use a simple three-wire serial cable or a cheap USB-to-RS232 adapter without any problems).

Pictures ^

HP 7475A plotter
Close-up of HP 7475A keypad
HP 7475A pen carousel
Close-up of the pen carousel
RS-232 interface and settings
HP-IB interface and settings

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