HP 82161A

The Hewlett-Packard 82161A digital cassette drive is an HP-IL tape drive that uses proprietary mini cassettes. Each cassette holds 128kB.

It was originally designed to be used with HP-41 calculators, but later HP-IL capable computers, such as the HP-75 and HP-71 can also use it.

Note that this unit needs a working battery pack to function, even if you connect it to power.

To prevent damage to the tape and to increase its lifespan, you should always rewind the tape before removing it from the drive or when powering-down the unit.

Pictures ^

HP 82161A (front view)
HP 82161A (back view)
HP 82161A with open drive
HP 82161A with open storage compartment
HP 82161A tape head close-up
HP 82176A mini data cassette for the 82161A

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