HP 82163A

The Hewlett-Packard 82163A video interface is an HP-IL device that can output 32 characters by 16 lines to a composite video or RF output.

It was originally designed to be used with HP-41 calculators, but later HP-IL capable computers, such as the HP-75 and HP-71 can also use it.

The 82163A was made for the US market and outputs NTSC (525 lines at 60Hz), whereas the 82163B was made for the European market and outputs PAL (625 lines at 50Hz).

Pictures ^

HP 82163A (front view)
HP 82163A (back view)
HP 82163A ports (composite video and RF output)
HP 82163A ports (HP-IL and power)
HP 82163A board (front)
HP 82163A board (back)

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