HP 82169A

The Hewlett-Packard 82169A is an HP-IL to HP-IB interface.

This interface enables a computer or calculator with an HP-IL port to control devices on HP-IB. It is also possible for the HP-IL computer to act as a device on HP-IB if the controller is on the HP-IB side. If the interface is put into "mailbox" mode, it enables two controllers to talk to each other.

To control HP-IB devices (such as test equipment, printers, plotters, etc.), you will want to set all DIP switches to off and place the 82169A interface as the last device on the HP-IL loop. Make sure that the address of each connected HP-IB device is greater than the number of devices on the HP-IL loop. Then you can simply use the HP-IB address from the HP-IL side to talk to that device and the interface will translate everything for you.

Pictures ^

HP 82169A (front view)
HP 82169A (back view)
HP 82169A ports (HP-IB and power)
HP 82169A ports (HP-IL)
HP 82169A board (front)
HP 82169A board (back)

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