Hardware Collection

One of my hobbies is collecting interesting hardware. Below is an inventory of the machines I've accumulated over the years.

Some items have their own subpage with pictures and more information about them (in most cases also including pictures of the boards inside). Most subpages also contain manuals, drivers, and other useful files.

Click on an item's name to visit its subpage, or on its picture in the first column to go directly to the picture gallery section of the subpage.

Pixel art of a circuit board
SGIO21999300MHz MIPS RM5271, 1GB RAM, A/V module, O2cam
SGIOctane19992x 400MHz MIPS R12000, 2GB RAM, MXE+SE graphics
SGIOrigin 3400200032 CPUs (24x 500MHz MIPS R14000 + 8x 400MHz MIPS R12000), 32GB RAM
SGITezro (rackmount)20064x 1GHz MIPS R16000A, 16GB RAM, V12 graphics w/ dual-channel display (DCD) option
SGIFuel2002600MHz MIPS R14000, 2GB RAM, V10 graphics
SGIIndy1994100MHz MIPS R4600PC, 32MB RAM, 8-bit XL graphics
SGIIndigo1991100MHz MIPS R4000, ?MB RAM, LG1 graphics, SRV1 video
SGIIndigo199133MHz MIPS R3000, 8MB RAM, LG1 graphics, Stoll Selectanit Selan interface unit
SGIDials & Buttons1990Input device consisting of 8 dials and 32 buttons.
SGIAltix XE34020094x Intel X5570 2.93GHz (16 cores total), 96GB RAM, Infiniband
SymmetricomSyncServer S3002013Stratum-1 NTP server with GPS input and rubidium oscillator
HP9830A1973Desktop calculator with BASIC, HP2116-based 16-bit serial CPU, 7904 words of RAM, 9866A line printer, 59405A HP-IB interface, 9862A plotter interface (+ plotter), 9865A cassette tape drive interface (+ drive), additional ROM modules: Advanced Prog I & II, String Variables, Plotter Control, Extended I/O, Matrix Operations.
HP2645A1978Intel 8080A-based RS-232 serial terminal with 5kB of memory
HP9826A198425MHz Motorola 68020/68882 accelerator card (originally an 8MHz Motorola 68000), 4MB RAM, ROM BASIC 5.1 card, DMA card, RS232 card, GPIO card
HPIntegral PC (9807A)19858MHz Motorola 68000, 768kB RAM, HP/UX 5.0 + HP Technical BASIC 5.0 in ROM, RS232 card, HP-HIL keyboard and mouse
HP9000/310 (98561A)198510MHz Motorola 68010, 1MB RAM, ADC card, 46021A HP-HIL keyboard
HP9133XV1983HP-IB 14.5MB hard drive + 3.5-inch single-sided floppy drive, AMIGO command set
HP5061A1980Cesium Beam Frequency Standard (atomic clock) with high-performance cesium tube (option 004), digital clock display (option 001), and HP 10638A degausser.
HP59309A1974HP-IB digital clock
HP8594E19979kHz-2.9GHz spectrum analyzer with options 004 (OCXO), 041 (HPIB + parallel ports), 101 (fast ADC), 102 (AM/FM demodulator), 130 (narrow resolution bandwidths)
Agilent54622D20002-channel 100MHz 200MSa/s MegaZoom mixed-signal digital oscilloscope with N2757A GPIB interface and a pair of N2862A probes
HP1672G199968-channel (500MHz timing, 150MHz state) logic analyzer with 2-channel oscilloscope (500MHz 2GSa/s)
HP1602A197816-channel 10MHz logic state analyzer with 64-word memory
HP4145A1986Semiconductor parameter analyzer (four 100V/100mA SMUs)
HP3325A19771uHz to 21MHz synthesizer/function generator (11-digit resolution) with options 1 and 2 (high-stability oscillator and high-voltage output) and HPIB
HP8648B19969kHz-2GHz signal generator with options 1EA (high-power output) and 1E5 (high-stability timebase)
HP3314A198720MHz function generator with HPIB
HP3455A19766.5-digit digital multimeter with HPIB and self-calibration
HP3456A19886.5-digit digital multimeter with HPIB
HP3438A19773.5-digit digital multimeter with HPIB
HP3421A19835.5-digit digital multimeter with HP-IL and HP-IB interfaces
HP5342A1984Microwave frequency counter (10Hz to 21GHz) with options 003 (extended dynamic range) and 011 (HP-IB).
HP5335A1989200MHz universal counter (12-digit) with HPIB and options 010 and 040 (high-stability oscillator and expanded HP-IB control)
HP5316B1989100MHz universal counter (7-digit) with HPIB and TCXO option (temperature-compensated crystal oscillator, for higher stability)
HP5316B1989100MHz universal counter (7-digit) with HPIB
HP438A1987RF power meter with 8482A power sensor (100kHz-4.2GHz)
HP59303A1976HP-IB digital to analog converter
HP59304A1976HP-IB 12-digit numeric display
HP59306A1973HP-IB relay actuator
HP59307A1973HP-IB VHF switch
HP59313A1979HP-IB 4-channel analog to digital converter
HP59401A1985HP-IB bus system analyzer
HP37201A1982HP-IB extender
HP6114A19840-20V 2A or 20-40V 1A precision power supply
HP6227B1971Dual 0-25V 0-2A DC power supply
HP6228B1977Dual 0-50V 0-1A DC power supply
HP6632B19970-20V 0-5A system DC power supply
HP6002A19840-50V 0-10A (200W max) DC power supply with HPIB
HP5150A1981HP-IB thermal printer with clock and BCD interface
HP7475A19836-pen A3/A4 graphics plotter (HPGL, RS232)
HPColorPro (7440A)19858-pen A4 graphics plotter (HPGL, HP-IB)
HP1335A1979Variable persistence X-Y display
HP2671G1984HP-IB thermal printer with raster graphics support
HP9111A1981HP-IB graphics tablet (digitizer)
HP75C1983Hand-held BASIC computer, 16kB RAM + 8kB 82700A RAM expansion pack, HP-IL interface, magnetic card reader, ROM modules: I/O, Math, VisiCalc
HP75D1986Hand-held BASIC computer, 16kB RAM + 8kB 82700A RAM expansion pack, HP-IL interface, magnetic card reader, 82718A pod w/ 64kB storage and modem
HP82161A1983HP-IL mini data cassette drive
HP82162A1984HP-IL thermal printer
HP82163A1982HP-IL video interface (composite video and RF output)
HP82164A1984HP-IL to RS-232 interface
HP82169A1984HP-IL to HP-IB interface
HP200LX19947.91MHz Intel 80186-based SoC, 2MB RAM, 32MB CF card
HP48SX1989Programmable RPN graphing calculator
HP48GX1993Programmable RPN graphing calculator
HP32S1989Programmable RPN calculator
HP16C1984Programmable RPN calculator
HP35S2007Programmable RPN calculator
HP49G1999Programmable RPN graphing calculator
HPMini 214020091.6GHz Intel Atom N270, 2GB RAM
ЭлектроникаМК-521983Programmable RPN calculator w/ non-volatile storage
ЭлектроникаБ3-341980Programmable RPN calculator
ЭлектроникаМК-901990Handheld PDP11-based computer with BASIC and 120x64-pixel graphical LCD.
ЭлектроникаБК 0010-011990PDP11-based home computer with BASIC, 3MHz К1801ВМ1 CPU (LSI-11 compatible), 32kB RAM
ЭлектроникаУКНЦ (МС-0511)1990PDP11-based home computer with dual К1801ВМ2 CPUs (LSI-11 compatible), primary CPU runs at 8MHz and has 64kB of RAM, peripheral CPU at 6.25MHz and has 32kB of RAM and 96kB of video RAM
DECMicroVAX 3100 Model 201987
SunSPARCstation 2019952x 50MHz SuperSPARC SM50, 384MB RAM
Atari1040STF19868MHz Motorola 68000, 1MB RAM
AppleMac Plus19868MHz Motorola 68000, 1MB RAM
ApplePowerBook 520c199425MHz Motorola 68LC040, 36MB RAM
ApplePowerBook G3/233 (PDQ)1998233MHz PowerPC G3, 512MB RAM
AppleNewton MessagePad 120199420MHz ARM 610, 1MB RAM, NewtonOS 1.3
AppleNewton MessagePad 2000 (upgraded)1997162MHz StrongARM SA-110, 4MB RAM, NewtonOS 2.1
AppleNewton eMate 300199727MHz ARM 710a, 1MB RAM, NewtonOS 2.1
AgendaVR3200166MHz NEC VR4181, 8MB RAM
AppleMac Mini G4/1.4220051.42GHz PowerPC 7447A, 1GB RAM
ApplePowerMac G4 (Sawtooth)1999450MHz PowerPC 7400 (overclocked from 400MHz), 2GB RAM
Apple12" iBook G420051.33GHz PowerPC 7447A, 1.5GB RAM
Apple20" iMac G520041.8GHz PowerPC 970, 2GB RAM
Apple13" MacBook Air20121.7GHz Intel i7-4650U, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD
TelequipmentD831976Dual-channel 50MHz analog oscilloscope
KikusuiModel 4550100kHz function generator
Tektronix3001GPX199280-channel logic analyzer (200MHz timing + 80MHz state, or 1GHz timing when using only 16 channels)
APCSmart-UPS 300020003000VA UPS, 230V output, RS232
APCSmart-UPS 150019991500VA UPS, 230V output, RS232
APCSmart-UPS 7001999700VA UPS, 230V output, RS232
APCSU043 Redundant Switch20021400VA Automatic Transfer Switch
BroadcomBCM91250A2003BCM1250 development board (dual-core 500MHz MIPS64 SiByte-1 processor); I have four of these boards, all have the rare Pass 1 CPU with lots of bugs.
IDT79S334A200179RC32334 development board (150MHz MIPS-II SoC)
element14Raspberry Pi 4 Model B20221.5GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A72 SoC, 8GB RAM
element14Raspberry Pi 2 Model B2015900MHz quad-core Broadcom BCM2836 ARM7 SoC, 1GB RAM
element14BeagleBone Black (Industrial)20151GHz quad-core TI AM3358 ARM7 SoC, 512MB RAM
XunlongOrange Pi Lite20161.2GHz quad-core AllWinner H3 ARM7 SoC, 512MB RAM
XeroxPhaser 6510DN2017Color laser printer w/ networking and duplex unit
LeitchDPS-5752001Digital processing synchronizer (I use it as a fancy time-base corrector)
ThinklogicalVelocitykvm-82011Multi-mode fiber KVM extension system (receiver + transmitter)
BG7TBLGPS Disciplined Oscillator (2017-12-16)2017A pretty good 10MHz GPSDO (a very precise ovenized oscillator that's synchronized with the GPS network for long-term stability and precision)
SYSJOINTNanoVNA-F V22021Handheld vector network analyzer (50kHz-3GHz)
Erik KaashoekTinySA V0.32020Handheld spectrum analyzer (0.1MHz-960MHz)
CobaltQube22000250MHz QED RM5231, 32MB RAM