Электроника БК 0010-01

The Elektronika BK 0010-01 is a Soviet-made home computer from 1986.

It's based on a 16-bit PDP-11-compatible processor (К1801ВМ1) running at 3MHz and has 32kB of RAM, half of which is used for graphics (512x256 in monochrome mode or 256x256 in 4-color mode).

The programming language that the computer starts into is Vilnius BASIC (more information on the Russian Wikipedia site here), which is a slightly simplified dialect of MSX BASIC. It compiles code before running it, which makes the programs run a bit faster than on other BASIC implementations that were popular on contemporary home computers.

Apart from BASIC, it's also possible to write programs in PDP-11 assembly or machine code.

Pinouts ^

The BK 0010-01 uses DIN-5 ports (same as for MIDI) for the power supply, color and monochrome video outputs, and the cassette tape drive. The pinouts for these are detailed in the schematics (see the Documents section below), but I'll include them in this section just to make them easier to find.

Power supply (БП)

    4+2 <----- ground
    5+3 <----- +5V DC

Pins 4 and 2 are joined and provide ground, pins 5 and 3 are joined and provide +5V DC. The power supply must be rated for at least 1.5A (2A is better if you have any add-on modules). Always use a regulated power supply (±5% is OK).

Monochrome TV (ТВ)

    1 -----> +5V output
    2 -----> video signal ground
    4 -----> video signal output (1Vpp±30% into 75Ω±5%)
    3 ---+
         |   pins 3&5 must be joined together
    5 ---+

Pin 3 must be looped back to pin 5 on the connector, so that the BK 0010-01 knows that a monochrome monitor has been plugged in.

The video signal is compatible with PAL televisions. Most computer monitors will have problems syncing to it, but a TV should work fine.

Color TV (ЦТВ)

    1 -----> sync signal output (negative polarity, 0.7-1.3V into 75Ω±5%)
    2 -----> ground
    3 -----> R output (red, positive polarity, 1Vpp±30% into 75Ω±5%)
    4 -----> B output (blue, positive polarity, 1Vpp±30% into 75Ω±5%)
    5 -----> G output (green, positive polarity, 1Vpp±30% into 75Ω±5%)

You can connect these outputs to a SCART connector — pin 1 goes to pin 20 (sync), pin 2 to pins 5,9,13,14,18 (ground), pin 3 to pin 15 (red), pin 4 to pin 7 (blue), pin 5 to pin 11 (green). Then connect pin 1 from the mono TV output (ТВ) to pin 16 (blanking) via a 100Ω resistor to automatically select RGB mode on the TV when the SCART cable is plugged in.

Audio cassette tape drive (МГ)

    1 ---+|
           / control of tape drive on/off switch (0.01-0.15A at 30-127V max)
    4 ---+/
    2 -----> ground
    3 <----- audio input (1.1-1.7V into 47kΩ)
    5 -----> audio output (1.1-1.7V into 47kΩ)

To load programs onto the BK 0010-01, it's enough to connect just pins 2 and 3.

Pictures ^

Elektronika BK 0010-01 (side view)
Elektronika BK 0010-01 (front view)
Elektronika BK 0010-01 (back view)
Close-up of the label on the back
Elektronika BK 0010-01 mainboard
Close-up of the KR1801VM1 CPU
Keyboard PCB (back view)

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